Sunday, January 4, 2015

Email entries from Dawn

I received these lovely email entries from Dawn before the deadline, but I couldn't figure out how to post them from my iPad.

I happen to be RV camping at the beach on the west coast of Vancouver Island storm watching.  I know you are thinking - she's camping in the winter, must have a screw loose!  Well in the RV we are quite warm and happy to be away from the normal routines of life.  Here is the scene we saw last night......

Such a lovely sunset on the beach!

So let me share Dawn's entries even though it is after the fact.....

Thank you Dawn for your lovely winter cards!


1 comment:

Dora said...

Hello Dawn,
beautiful cards have you made.
I like the windowscene too. it looks so little scenery. zo delicately.
thank you for entering your creation. I do not mind if it is posted late.
good luck and thank you so much for playing along. I hope that you can start somethime with your own blog....

Nancy, What a amazing photo. beautiful view!