Our amazing design team has been creating scenic projects for a number of years.  Through that time they have posted many projects and included lots of great learning and advice.  Sometimes they create really detailed instructions we call tutorials and I thought it would be good for us all if I posted some of them here.  It will take me a bit of time to get them on this page so keep checking back to see what else has been included.

Sandy Hulsart has been making scenic cards for a number of years and now has her own online training courses.  The best thing to do is get a cup of tea or coffee, sit back and explore Sandy's blog.  You will learn lots of techniques just by reading how she made her cards.  I am including a link to just a couple of her posts here:

Kittie Caracciolo is an artist of her own line of scenic stamps sold at Rubbernecker.  She has many tutorials and lots of wonderful cards on her blog.  Spend some time checking out her blog and you will be amazed at the variety of designs and wonderful attention to detail. Here are a couple of links to some of her beautiful projects:

Shaz created a fantastic tutorial post that includes building a scene, masking, and applying colour.  This post is also linked on the Stampscapes web site. Check it out here.

Lisa Vaughn has made a really great tri-shutter card using Stampscapes and with that post she created a bit of a tutorial. I aspire to make a card like this some day!

Sheree Taylor is a friend that I met through blogging and we discovered that we only live about 30 minutes from each other. One of the many things that attracted me to Sheree's blog was her wonderful scenic cards.  Check out her blog and you will learn many new techniques. She describes her apparent failures as well as her successes.  I have always felt that we learn more from our flops than anything else.