Tuesday, May 1, 2012

News and Sharing

Hello to all my scenic stamping friends!  Nancy here to tell you about the fun I am having this week in Savanna, Illinois.  I was invited by Karen Wallace from Stampscapes II Yahoo group to attend her annual scenic stamping get together in her home town of Savanna.  

There are about 20 of us meeting in the Methodist church building stamping our hearts out.  Everyone is sharing techniques and tips that I will be sharing with you over the course of the week. So far I have made four scenes and learned how to use a brayer!!

Trish is a fellow
Canadian stamper
Karen has loads and loads of stamps from Stampscapes, Sutter, Beeswax, Art Impressions, etc, that she is sharing with us all.  There will be door prizes from Sutter and others.  We even have a stamping store rep from Peddlers Den with a few supplies to purchase.

Besides being able to meet all the wonderful ladies whose work I have so admired over the last year or more, I will also be able to meet - in person - Kevin Nakagawa, Mr. Stampscapes himself!!!  This is just too much for me to handle!!

Mirjam came all the way from the Netherlands!
So this post has just been a teaser 'cause I wanted to tell you what was happening and introduce the pictures of some of the ladies at this stamping gig.  

Tomorrow I will be back to show you some of the work and share a few tips.



shazsilverwolf said...

Oh WOW!!!! Lucky you getting to meet Kevin- thats just awesome. Make sure to tell him just how much we love his stamps!
Shaz xxx

Deanna said...

That is so AWESOME....Have tons of fun for all of us!